02 March 2006

More Startup Fun

This morning, early, before being beaten down by the barrel of laughs called "startup", I did a showroom walkthrough to welcome customers and thank them for their car purchases. I met one gentlemen who was in the process of buying a car. I asked about his impressions of our customer service and handed him my business card in case he had any future questions or concerns. Later that same day, he calls me about his new car handover experience. To show the customer the engine compartment, where to add windshield washing fluid, etc. our sales consultant opened the hood and propped it up with the support. Said sales consultant, apparently a little flustered, forgot to remove the rod holding up the hood of the car and tried to close the hood by forcing it down so hard that he drove the supporting rod down into the body and ripped a hole through the quarter panel from the inside out. Not a good customer experience. Or was it? Maybe it was actually the customer that did the damage and was now in cohoots with the sales consultant so that the car gets repaired at company expense? Not a bad deal for either of them -- screw the company. I will speak with the sales consultant in person tomorrow. No doubt there will be some elaborate all-encompassing explanation. Truly interesting where the creativity in my employees lies. If only to channel it the right way.

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The Ranger said...

I thought I was the only one that had to deal with this kind problem. I am glad to hear that others have it also. LOL Cheers