23 February 2006

ok. i am being buried (officially)

Ok. Take a company of 200 employees and move them to a brand new 9000 sqm building. Then open for business before the toilets work while the state of the art heating system cranks the office space to 30 deg C with no apparent control and the bank breaks its agreement to run our cashier points. Blow up all of our business processes as we know them and then have no time to rebuild them because the front doors are flooded with customer traffic. Of course, the customer traffic is a good thing. Only it makes you panic to serve them all. So many slipping through our fingers now. Make comments to your management team and hear up and down rationalizations and justifications. I thought we were past this already. Silly me. My bad. This is a test for sure. Thanks for the venting.

09 February 2006

Orange Kyiv Returns

Ok. Someone is playing games here. The blue paint job lasted three days and then one morning: Kyiv appears in orange again. It's like two oligarchs are playing some petty game. Trivial but strange.

04 February 2006

Blue Kyiv

Thursday morning the kids, on the way to school, claimed that the Kyiv sign was painted blue. It was too late for me to see since the sign was behind us already. The next day I pulled over by the sign and sure enough the once orange sign was now hand-painted blue. Clearly an amateur job: one can see at the edges of the letters.

Fairly new of the billboard scene is the "ne zradj maidan" and brand new is the Klitschko face with a curious graphic in the lower right corner. It says TAK! Klitschko with the same TAK! logo Nasha Ukraina uses. Did I miss some news? Did Pora-PRP and Nasha Ukraina get together or something? See the billboard collection here.

02 February 2006

Nice Phone

This is the telephone technology used by the guy that runs the self-proclaimed number one nuclear power in the world?

[Quote from AP: MOSCOW -- President Vladimir Putin boasted Tuesday that Russia has new missiles capable of penetrating any missile defense system and said he had briefed the French president on their capabilities.
"Russia has tested missile systems that no one in the world has," Putin said.] [courtesy of Marko H.]