26 September 2006

Ukrainian Adoptions

This is a plug for a trusted friend. If you need assistance with your adoption process in Ukraine, I can recommend: http://www.embraceachild.com/
Roman has navigated the murky waters of this process himself, successfully, and is prepared to share his experience to assist other do the same.

23 September 2006

Czech Proverb

I just returned from a two day trip to Germany to visit one of the car manufacturers. Borispil is still packed. This time I tried Czech air with a Prague transfer. Everything went smoothly and I even got a Czech proverb on the piece of paper wrapped around the napkin that came with the meal. It said: "The way one eats is the way one works."

Perfectly true in my case! I eat too fast, too much, and at times not the right things. At work I work too fast, too much, and at times not on the right things. Those Czechs got it right with this one.

19 September 2006

Current Weather in Kyiv

The weather forecast plug-in at the bottom of my web browser informs me that the current weather in Kyiv is "Smoke".

Interview Tips for Job Applicants

I must have interviewed over 200 applicants in my years working in Ukraine. And these are the ones that pass the initial screening by HR and department managers. Here's a little tip for the job applicant. Those who come to the interview with a clean copy of their CV are miles ahead of the other applicants. If they bring a pad of paper, a pen, and actually take a note or two....they are the cream of the crop.

While I'm on the subject. Here are some things that don't work to get your senior management position with our company:
  1. When asked where their CV is the applicant responds with "I heard that I am supposed to have my CV with me and I called your HR Director and asked her to print one out for you. Perhaps you can call her and see where it is."
  2. When asked if they have any questions about the company the applicant responds with "No, I know everything. Thank you."
  3. When asked if I might contact one of the applicant's bosses from a previous job: "No, I'd rather you didn't. I didn't meet his expectations and he fired me."
  4. Taking a mobile phone call in the middle of the interview.
  5. Taking another mobile phone call a few minutes later.
  6. Showing me a little folded vinyl "official document" and claiming that it's worth something and I should hire you.
  7. Stating that your wife's sister's husband's cousin works in the President's Administration and that we won't have any problems. No thanks.

Art World Immersion

There has been a lot of activity on the art scene lately which, thanks to Ola, I had the opportunity to be a part of. Last Thursday we were at Gallery RA for Illya Chichkan's KISS exhibit opening. Among the thought provoking artwork -- from the so called "bad boy" of Ukrainian art was a Mayak reel-to-reel tape player dishing out the sound background for the event. It's the first Mayak I've seen. Cool.

On Saturday we had a look at the PinchukArtCenter on the top floors of the Arena City complex by Besserabka. Politics aside, it's a great space and the contemporary Ukrainian, Thai, American, and other art was excellent. The show, in the Arena courtyard was interrupted (...ended) by a full-blown fire. see pictures. It's amazing they got the fire under control with fire extinguishers. It looked almost too big to contain. Victor requested a free 100gm to the "khloptsi" that put the fire out. No lawyers or insurance types to be found.

On Sunday the L'art people opened Berezhynsky (sp?) Gallery (Rybalska 22 in Pechersk). It's a great space that's part of an old armory renovated in a modern, minimalistic way. On display where Chichkan's (again) monkey headed men and some interesting burned wood art from Kyril Protsenko. We took the kids to this daytime event and enjoyed the after-party on the terrace inside the armory courtyard. Romchyk patiently waited for more sushi to come out to the furshet table while Maya and Kalyna did improvised gymnastics/dancing on the stage. No fires.