19 September 2006

Interview Tips for Job Applicants

I must have interviewed over 200 applicants in my years working in Ukraine. And these are the ones that pass the initial screening by HR and department managers. Here's a little tip for the job applicant. Those who come to the interview with a clean copy of their CV are miles ahead of the other applicants. If they bring a pad of paper, a pen, and actually take a note or two....they are the cream of the crop.

While I'm on the subject. Here are some things that don't work to get your senior management position with our company:
  1. When asked where their CV is the applicant responds with "I heard that I am supposed to have my CV with me and I called your HR Director and asked her to print one out for you. Perhaps you can call her and see where it is."
  2. When asked if they have any questions about the company the applicant responds with "No, I know everything. Thank you."
  3. When asked if I might contact one of the applicant's bosses from a previous job: "No, I'd rather you didn't. I didn't meet his expectations and he fired me."
  4. Taking a mobile phone call in the middle of the interview.
  5. Taking another mobile phone call a few minutes later.
  6. Showing me a little folded vinyl "official document" and claiming that it's worth something and I should hire you.
  7. Stating that your wife's sister's husband's cousin works in the President's Administration and that we won't have any problems. No thanks.


Mark said...

I randomly throw away half of the resumes that I receive - I refuse to work with unlucky people.

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