07 December 2009

Kabul Did It, Why Can't Kyiv?

Hat's off to Kabulians (Kabulites?), who not only charged the Mayor for corruption, but terminated his job and sentenced him to four years in prison. He also has to give back the USD 16,000 he misappropriated.
More here: Afghanistan court sentences Kabul mayor for corruption (BBC). There's an arrest warrant out, and he's on the "lam". Imagine how full the Kyiv jails would be if the corruption bar was dropped to a paltry USD 16,000 -- wouldn't even cover ONE of the Oligarch's watches.

04 December 2009

Human Being Art Installation

On the  way home today I passed the Pinchuk Art Center. There was a line at the door of the Art Center and an interesting installation of mask and booty wearing folks clearly protected from H1N1.  On the tape the text reads "The Tell Tale Heart".  Are they all trying to listen? Listen for the heart still beating under the paving stone?