23 August 2009

"Bezslavni Vyrodky" (Inglourious Basterds) Opens in Kyiv

Watching the new Quentin Tarantino film with Ukrainian dubbing added a whole new level of humor to the film. The dubbing job was highly professional...the word choices were, um, educational.  The Ukrainians in the packed theater thoroughly enjoyed the film.  The audience actually applauded loudly when the movie ended. Another first for me.

Kyiv Speaker's Corner

Kyiv's version of London's speaker's corner was buzzing with energy yesterday. I wasn't really able to follow the debate unfortunately. Too many "speakers" yelling at each other simultaneously, without much concern as to who is listening, if anyone.

Rock Versions of Old Ukrainian Folk Songs: UkrainSka

I unexpectedly ran across an amazing rock act at Dockers ABC last Friday where the guys from the Mad Heads performed as their new "UkrainSka" project. Many songs were familiar "Plast Vatra" songs re-created in punk/rock arrangements and delivered with the zany intensity we expect from the Mad Heads. I unreservedly recommend you catch this new project. In their own words:
UkrainSKA are the folk songs in MAD HEADS XL style, the sound based on modern ska punk with no definite limitations. The band is long known for it’s versions of such songs as “Smereka”, “Dva dubky”, “Oi na gori cygany stoyaly” and that is basically the mood of the new project. More generally, it is folk songs in the form of modern rock music. The second task for the project is to make rock music more popular in Ukraine. The third one is to help the Ukrainian melody getting into the world culture, where it should occupy the decent place it truly deserves. (read more)

20 August 2009

What's Happening on Independence Day Weekend in Kyiv

Finally some information about this weekend's events in today's "Hazeta Po Kyivsky" in and article entitled "Kak Hulyat Budem". Here are some highlights (in translation):
  • Wakeboarding Tournament, Park Druzhby Narodu, 21-23.Aug, 10am
  • Flower Show, Pechersk Landscape Park, 22.Aug-1.Sep
  • Blacksmith Day, Pyrohova Museum of Architecture (with demonstrations and visitors can use the black smithing tools), 22-23.Aug
  • National Flag Raising Ceremony, Maidan, 23.Aug (No time given?)
  • Prayer for Ukraine and Ukrainians, St. Sophia, 24.Aug (also no time designated)
  • Military Parade, Khreschatyk, 24.Aug, 10am
  • Varenyky Speed Eating contest, Maidan, 16:00, 24.Aug (win a vacation for 2 to Egypt)
  • Art Exhibition, Andryvsky Uzviz, 24.Aug
  • Concert, Maidan, 19:00
  • Fireworks "Salut", Maidan 22:00