23 February 2006

ok. i am being buried (officially)

Ok. Take a company of 200 employees and move them to a brand new 9000 sqm building. Then open for business before the toilets work while the state of the art heating system cranks the office space to 30 deg C with no apparent control and the bank breaks its agreement to run our cashier points. Blow up all of our business processes as we know them and then have no time to rebuild them because the front doors are flooded with customer traffic. Of course, the customer traffic is a good thing. Only it makes you panic to serve them all. So many slipping through our fingers now. Make comments to your management team and hear up and down rationalizations and justifications. I thought we were past this already. Silly me. My bad. This is a test for sure. Thanks for the venting.

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The Ranger said...

I was just going to ask if you were still alive and well. Glad to see you are back. It sounds like you are having a ton of fun.