20 March 2006

Belarus 3,000 or 30,000?

This morning on the way to work, Ukrainian radio-ERA had nothing on the election in Belarus except a generic statement about Lukashenko winning and Milinkevich getting only 6% of the vote. Nothing about whether or not Ukraine is recognizing the result. No statement from the ministry of foreign affairs. Maybe later. Neeka's Backlog has great coverage at: http://vkhokhl.blogspot.com/.

Look at the photos at the bottom of this page. It's from a key Belarus information site Charter 97 (English version available). Look at it while you can because they've been battling Lukashenko hackers to keep it on line. If it's offline, try a little while later.

I’d say there’s a few more than the 3,000 that Belarus police (and NYT, sadly) mis-reported. Also note that the snow was apparently machine-made snow blown on the crowd by the authorities. Last night, public transit did not go to the center and the subway was not stopping at the Oktyabirska stop under their "Maydan". Mobile phone service was disrupted as well (perhaps due to call volume).

Well, hat's off to the people who went out and partook in the unprecedented gathering last night. The call is out for a protest at 18:30 tonight.

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