29 March 2006

Total Solar Eclipse Visible from Kyiv

Looking from Kyiv at 13:06 (according to this table) the Sun will be totally eclipsed by the moon today. Read about the Solar Eclipse here.

Update: I guess I read the table incorrectly, because nothing really happened. I was reading under "Maximum Eclipse". Next I will try 14:14 the table entry under "Fourth Contact" adjusted for Ukraine (GMT +2 hrs).


cherolex said...

I haven't read any news about it in Ukraine (well, there are other topics to cover, such as elections). But I saw something about it on CBC... So at least it's happened in Canada ;)

The Ranger said...

Hey Petro, I was out looking for it as well. There was very bad cloud cover and I could not tell anything was going on. I go back and watch TV and they show it. Damn life is amazing in that part of the world.