03 August 2006

Yulia Scolded During Round Table

The afternoon round table, organized by the President, for the purpose of signing the "Universal of National Unity" was aired on national TV. Each party head had their say, and then they signed the document, except for Yulia. The communist added several pages of handwritten qualifications while the nation watched. Yushchenko had to tell him to hurry up since the country is watching and he's going on his merry way scribbling his party's position. Yulia in her speech called the signing of the document an act of treason against the national interest of Ukraine. Yushchenko couldn't contain his calm demeanor and ended up scolding Yulia, complete with gesticulations and finger pointing, with regard to her unwillingness to even discuss any of the points of the "Universal". When the president was doing his scolding, Yulia looked like this:


The Ranger said...

I have seen that look many times from my wife and daughter. I call it the "what are you looking at you stupid man" or even better, "I know you are not talking too me".
Thanks for the photo. Cheers Patrick

Anonymous said...

My tagline for the photo would be something like "This too shall pass" or "I am just biding my time."