18 August 2006

Justice in Small Town Ukraine

The following is a true story. My colleague Yevhen (not his real name) visits his family in his hometown. He gets hit over the head and his mobile phone is stolen. After being assisted by a random couple that passed by, he immediately went to the bazaar, still populated by his old friends, and explained his mishap to them asking them to be on the look out for his phone. Sure enough the perpetrator showed up, a kid that everyone new, the son of the local pig farm owners, and the bazaar guys took the phone from him. The kid ran away. Now Yevhen, happy to have his phone back, but still resentful for having been hit over the head, heads over to the police to file his report. The police brush him aside and tell him to drop it. Hmmm... the son of pig farmers thinks Yevhen. Through family source he confirms that yes, the police have been taken care of. Then, still working his family network Yevhen discovers that this kid is actually in military service in a unit whose commanding officer is none other than Yevhen's uncle. His uncle informed him that there is little he can do in terms of punishment, but he CAN make sure the kid is transferred to the most miserable post in the country.


The Ranger said...

Wow , when a man done wrong and a man's done wrong uncle gets involved . Well, I feel sorry for the pig farmers son. Gotta love it.

Anonymous said...

Actually surprised that your friend did not get arrested. Life has changed. True story - grandmother in Ukrainian village crossing the road gets hit by a car and leg is broken. Goes to hospital and later has to show up for court - gets fined and has to pay the driver!

Or did you hear the story of the woman in Japan (tried, convicted and sentenced to yrs. in jail) - offense - she was "too" violent in resisting a rapist - she bit his ear off.