30 January 2006

A Sign of Progress vs. Discrimination

A new law effective January 1st of this year prohibits indicating gender when announcing or advertising a job opening. This will be a shock to many managers I'm sure. In my experience, every once in a while a male manager will still say "You can't place that job a on the back of a woman. She won't be able to handle the stress". We're talking about a sales manager spot here. My usual response is "Did you ever witness the birth of a baby? No? Well I recommend you experience it and then we talk about stress handling ability." Sidenote: in general, my female managers far out-perform their male counterparts. Surprise. Surprise.

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cherolex said...

I agree that it is a positive development in our country. However, I think that it was not quite big issue before. My two directors from my previous jobs were women, who were and still are, by the way, very successful in their positions.

Regarding the sales managers positions, I am sure that in many cases mainly male applicants are applying for such jobs, so it is very likely that women may limit themselves in such cases.