31 January 2006

Did The Cashier Smile?

Have you looked at the back of a Billa grocery store receipt lately?

A. "Your opinion is valuable to us"
B. "We are striving to improve our customer service and appreciate your feedback"
C. "Did your cashier smile at you? Yes or No"
D. "How much time did you wait in line at the cash register?"

Quite an attempt at denting the severe lack of customer focus here. Wish I had thought of it. I feel that all too often I allow myself to be beaten down to certain amount of passivity building customer service at my company. Nothing is shocking anymore when I'm out in Kyiv. You'd like me to search my pockets for exact change? Ok, sure. Time to wake up and pretend I just arrived. Good service is catching on here. Or is it simply a copy of an Austrian Billa concept? Like a lot of things here, in the end it is what you want it to be.


The Ranger said...

Amazing what they come up with. I like the part about the smiles. It would be a first.

TulipGirl said...

I consistently found McDs to have good customer service. I ate at McDs in Kyiv waaaaaay more often than I ever did in the States. A bit of nostalgia, a bit of "home." Even if I don't normally like the food. . . But in Ukraine--give me a FishMac!