08 December 2005

Rice and Rukavychka

Yesterday, Condoleeza Rice was in Kyiv meeting with Yushchenko while my daughter Maya was a mole in the 5 year-olds’ production of Rukavychka. Maya had her lines well memorized and delivered them with a big smile: “I’m freezing…I need someplace to get warm...”. I have it all on video. So do ten other parents. Rice had her lines well memorized too: “you guys are doing ok but you need to work a little harder on making good on the promises of the Orange Revolution”. I don't think those were her exact words. After the play, Maya’s class sang a few christmas songs. After meeting Yushchenko, Rice met with Timoshenko on the way to the airport. America departed. In the multi-purpose room it was the mouse, not the bear, that exploded the Rukavychka in the end.

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