22 December 2005

O Khto Khto Poroshenka Lubyt?

In this land of contrasts, after leaving the Pora-Reforms and Order convention, modestly held in the space of one movie theater, I bump into at least six orange Nasha Ukraina tents on Maidan handing out Poroshenko's "Roshen" chocolates to children in honor of Sviatoho Mykolaya. In the Pora meeting Kaskiv mentioned the fact that the media is starting to refer to Pora-Reforms and Order as the "Third Orange Block". Kaskiv said "Make no mistake about it. We are not orange. We are zoloti." Applause filled the room.

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cherolex said...

How cheap of Orange Ukraine to do such sort of things?!?!?!? I am curious whether any media in Ukraine criticized this "politically charitable" event? It is very unlikely, and if they did, they would have many other such cases to report...done by other political parties. It looks like March is going to be more muddy