19 April 2009

Twitter Savvy Ukrainian Politicians: Continued

Thanks to some incredibly prompt comments from readers Marina and Roxolanus I have now found the correct Twitter pages for President Yushchenko:

and Arseniy Yatsenyuk:

Mr. Yatsenyuk has over a thousand followers and does link to his informative "Front of Change (Zmin)" website. He is also following over a thousand twitters.


Anonymous said...

Lutsento was actually the first politician in Ukraine to use the Internet to communicate freely with people.

This was at a time when Twitter was not really developed, and noone knew about it.

He did it on the Ukrainian Pravda forum.

He did a heck of a job, too!

And he had to, considering that there was no limit on the number of characters one could post in the forum, and there were tons of trolls who appeared merely to undermine him, or to stir things up.

The PORA web site also allowed messages, among others.

I remember during the Orange Revolution, there was a deliberately vicious campaign to disrupt communications.

There were lots of spam posts, and lots of posts obviously emanating from sovok-style Kuchma-Yanukovych-Kremlin supporters.

One could easily and accurately characterize them as swearing and pornography.

Literally, it was мля, бля і порнографія.

All of the moderators had their hands full, and quite frequently they were mocked by the same people who had posted the swearing or the pornography.

One notable example - a movie produced in roosha of a Tymoshenko look-alike in a porno movie with 2 other guys, who were meant to represent Yushchenko and someone else.

I hope Ukrainians finally get their act together and shake the sovok legacy that still permeates Ukrainian politics and the so-called "political elite."

elmer said...

That should have said:


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