22 July 2006

Idiot Boy

Do you remember Kivalov? The head of the CEC when the presidential election was ripped off? The one who accepted a huge bribe to deceive the whole country?  Well, how disgusting is it to hear him on the radio (he’s a deputy now) giving his commentary on the political situation.  Are you kidding me? Is there anyone who is not disgusted by hearing him? I hope you google your name and read my words. YOU SHOULD BE IN JAIL LOSER.  SIT DOWN AND STAY QUIET FOOL.  Just to make sure google picks up on this: Kivalov, Kivalov, Kivalov, Kivalov, Kivalov, Kivalov, Kivalov, Kivalov, Kivalov.   Now go google yourself.

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Vilhelm Konnander said...

I have actually spent a couple of days as interpretor for Kivalov and the Ukrainian Central Election Committee a few years back. He turned out to be one of the most unpleasant officials I have met over my odd 15 years in East European affairs. Had I but known what ugly fish I were to deal with, I would never have taken the job, but back in those days one did not realise what would come. Meeting Kivalov was however somewhat of an eye-opener for me in realising that all was not what it seemed in Ukrainian politics. To have a thug like Kivalov as chairman of the CEC was simply too much for most people to swallow.